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The Konks was born in the autumn of 2015, the day after Jerry T Jones went to see Sunny Afternoon, the inspirational musical dramatizing the birth of The Kinks....The songs are timeless and just as relevant today as they were back in the day, and The Konks mission is to faithfully perform the incredible depth and variety of Sir Rays and endorsement from non other than Dave Davies himself including  a real honour to meet John Dalton & Mick Avory, it was a real buzz to get John "Nobby" Dalton up with us a honour it was to share the stage with John 'Nobby' Dalton ...the legendary Kinks bass player credibility. Large doses of rock n roll......featuring such classics as Sunny Afternoon, Waterloo Sunset, Lola, Days, You Really Got Me, See My Friends, Autumn Almanac, Dead End Street....the list goes on and celebrate with us the genius of Ray Davies....with The Konks! 

Jerry Guitar & Vocals 

Jerry has been around the block a 

few times, and shows no sign of 

stopping any time soon.


In eighties he was part of influential 

glam folk rockers One the Juggler, 

has played with Mick Ronson, and 

more recently Glamweazel 

and Disco Jets International..

he also dabbles in film soundtracks

and anything else that tickles his fancy!

Equipment used.......

anything that works and stays 

(mainly) in tune 

and throat lozenges

Musical influences....

too many to list....but Bowie , 

Iggy, Lou, The NY Dolls, 

Todd Rundgren,

The Stones would do for starters...


Drums & Backing Vocals

Fred  plays a 

1964 Ludwig drum kit,

with zilgeon cymbals. 


Influences .....

The Kinks, The Who,   

The Small Faces, Pretty Things, 

Marc Bolan, David Bowie 

and Bob Dylan.


Paul Bass Guitar

Paul has been playing the bass guitar

 in various bands for  many years. 


Paul uses Duesenberg, 

Rickenbacker and Fender bass

guitars to get as close 

to the sound of the Kinks. 


Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals 

Al has been playing guitar for almost 300 years, although you wouldn’t believe it!
He says, “The Kinks cover a lot of different styles and this makes my guitar job really varied andchallenging.

Dave Davies is a guitar legend and it’s

great fun playing his parts”.
Al uses a variety of guitars but

favours a 60’s inspired Fender

Custom Shop Telecaster and a

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe from 1973

for authentic sounds. He uses Morgan amplifiers, which cover all those
classic 60’s and 70’s tones.
You’ll also hear Al singing Dave’s impossibly high vocal parts, which feature in “Lola”

and manyothers. He also sings Dave’s “Death of a Clown”, “I’m Not Like Everybody Else”

and “David Watts”(most famously covered by The Jam).

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